Profitable Spring Cleaning! Wait…What?


The first official day of spring happened a while ago, but spring JUST arrived to the area I live in. We were hit with yet another snow storm the other week, and the last patches of snow on our grass just melted….in May. Needless to say the weather forced me to stay in winter hibernation mode and be lazy a little longer.

The sun FINALLY made its long awaited appearance with warmer temperatures to match. I’m finally feeling more energized and ready to start my spring (albeit late) spring cleaning. This year I’ve decided to take a bit of a different approach. It’s not just the usual purging of clothes, cleaning of closets, and dusting the neglected tops of kitchen cabinets. My husband and I have started a complete overhaul of our house. We are cleaning out closets and cupboards, brought boxes of items to our local donation facility, but have also started selling larger ticket items we no longer need. Everyone has that piece of exercise equipment, musical instrument, or some extraneous piece of furniture that doesn’t get used and collects dust.

If the piece of exercise equipment hasn’t been used for exercise in the last year or two, it goes! I hardly have a use for exercise equipment at the moment. My baby has become increasingly mobile, and I have a dog that needs walking. In my mind I already have two personal trainers that work for free. All I need are my own two feet.

So far things are going well with the spring overhaul. The house is a little less cluttered and it allows a stay at home mom like me to earn a little extra money. I highly recommend the spring overhaul! You’ll feel good about your home and your wallet will do ok too. Plus, those unloved items will find love once again. You can’t get more win-win than that.

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